Metaverse Control Technology


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    Recreating the Virtual Space

    Immerse yourself in the center of actions with space around you

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    4K HD Accuracy
    Colorful Dots

    Allow detection of spatial movement up to 0.01 degree (100 dots per degree) in the metaverse virtual plane with accuracy up to 4K resolution

    Voice Control

    Voice commands with control key mapping to trigger complex motion actions in real time for any motion control applications or contents

    3D Spatial Control
    Universal Integration
    Color Prism Transparent

    Automatic detection of the visual focus point when it reaches the edge of the screen and enables natural shifting of the field of view in the direction you are pointing.


    Motion control tracking  is compatible with multiple metaverse platforms and accepts commands from any HID interface




    Take Control of Space around you

    Experience enhanced immersive virtual reality with our high definition motion tracking + voice commands   

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    2019-07-26 (1).png

    Metaverse Motion 

    joystick clseuop.jpg
    4K Precision


    10X high precision motion tracking synchronizes user movement with metaverse avatar movement in 4K pixels resolution

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    360 viewpoint

    Immersive 3D metaverse

    Allow user to navigate 3D metaverse virtual space in 360 degree turn of viewpoint on screen display without the need of user to turn around

    Gesture Mapping

    Instant mapping

    Reload of gesture-to-key mapping in real time for all applications across various metaverse platforms without software installation